Money Heist Nairobi Seen Speaking Telugu

Alba Flores, the Spanish actor, won millions of hearts with her performance as Nairobi in the popular Netflix show, Money Heist. Recently, clips of Flores’ work on an old television show, where she portrayed the character an Indian woman, have been going viral on the internet. Fans have been going gaga over how the actor is speaking an Indian regional language so fluently on the show. In the video that has been doing the rounds on the internet, Alba Flores can be seen clad in a saree and braided hair and acts like a Telugu woman called Shamira. Reportedly, the video clip that has been going viral is from Vincente Ferrer and was shot near Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. Alba Flores plays the character of a teacher who is trying to educate women of Anantapur. Vicente Ferrer is a TV movie about a man who chose to fight poverty in India. He embarks on a journey to transform the barren land of India’s dry and dusty village, Anantapur, to fertile land. He takes help from the citizens and tries to transform the barren land into a productive landscape. In a scene from the TV show, Alba a.k.a. Nairobi is seen speaking fluent Telugu while interacting with local people. Her character is trying to raise awareness among the local people and translates Spanish to Telugu and vice versa. A fan page also shared pictures of Alba Flores where she can be seen in the character from the TV film Vincete Ferrer.

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