Neeraj Madhav shares positive message


The lockdown seems to be a time for reflection and and actor Neeraj Madhav, who seems to have literally found a new voice as a rapper, shared a message about hope. Taking pictures of the early morning landscape and set against the chirping of birds, the actor raps about the settings around him.Neeraj wrote on Insta, “I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep again…. I was really feeling low, I was anxious, my mind was filled with unsettling thoughts. It was almost 5AM by then, I picked up my writing pad, pen & randomly headed to the terrace. The sun was about to rise, the moon hadn’t left yet. Birds were chirping, cold breezes hit me. It was pure bliss. I played a random beat and started writing something instantly & recorded it on my phone…. This little piece I wrote, I’m calling it ‘Hope’, which is something the world needs right now. And to all those who read till the end, I really hope this brought a little smile on your face!”

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