Rana Daggubati about the post Covid-19 situation

We are all looking at an uncertain future and it is hard to say when things will go back to normal even after the lockdown is lifted.

The film industry is especially working hard to devise a plan on how to deal with the situation as they are suffering huge losses due to the complete shutdown of theatres and shooting of various films. As a result, exhibitors and distributors are reluctant to buy films from producers.

Rana Daggubati, who is a producer as well as an actor recently said in an interview, “The future of watching a film in a theatre is still uncertain. Taking precautions like installing thermal scanners and temperature checks might be possible in big cities like Hyderabad but in smaller cities, it might not be feasible. Eventually, I believe we will all figure out a way as watching films on the big screen is an experience that is cherished in India and many people still prefer to watch movies in theatres.”

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